Helpful Guide for First Time Spa Visitors

If you have never been to a spa before you may be worried about choosing the right services and treatment. In fact, a lot of people who need to relax never actually book some spa time because they are unsure of where to start. There is no need to stress about what treatments to choose, because a simple guide can help you figure out what will be best for you.

The whole point of heading to a spa is to relax, so fall this simple guide to make sure that the entire process is painless. Spas offer everything from mud baths to massages to hot tub time for their patrons, but most of the services can fall into three basic spa categories: facials, massages, and body rituals.

Body Rituals

Body rituals are things that focus on full body treatments. These can help nourish your body and leave you feeling refreshed when you leave from head to toe. Treatments that call under body rituals include body polishes, body scrubs, wraps, and very specific massages that are applied to the entire body such has the Dr. Fish. A lot of these treatments target one specific concern of the patron such as brightening, moisturizing, healing, or relaxing.

Spa Massages

You may feel like the only thing included in a massage is a massage, but the truth is that a spa in Minneapolis MNcan offer dozens of different massages. In fact, any spa worth their dime will have a variety of options to offer you. This allows you to get a massage that will accurately fit your needs. Different types of massage include Balinese, Swedish, and deep tissue massages. Additionally, more diverse spas will also have more off-beat therapies available for you to sample to see if they meet your needs such as geo thermal therapy, novel rope massage, Thai foot reflexology, and lava shell massage.


Facials are designed to help meet the specific needs of people’s faces. Pollution, skin problems, and eating habits can all cause damage to the skin, but a good skin treatment at the spa can help rejuvenate the skin on your face. The first step of a facial is cleansing the skin which is why cleansing products ill be used that will help restore the skin to its natural pH. Serum is then used to help with conditions that the face might be dealing with such as aging, dryness or extra sensitivity. This part of the facial will be tailored to the needs of individual patron.

Spa Will Offer you Aid

These are the major categories of spa treatments, but there is still a lot more treatments available at ful service spas. Do not worry about being out of your depth because any spa representative will always be glad to help you and offer you advice about what may be the best choice for youA Guie