Get Information about Laser Treatment for Melasma

Melasma is one of the numerous skin issues that are treated with the assistance of lasers. The laser first obliterates the skin’s top layer and takes into consideration new, solid skin to develop set up of harmed skin. Over a timeframe, melasma lessens in appearance because of staining.

Getting the laser treatment

In the event that you are considering getting laser treatment for melasma, the best place to begin is with your GP. You can have a protracted talk with respect to advantages of experiencing laser treatment for your condition and they can likewise allude you to a solid dermatologist who can evaluate your skin, while suggesting different medications.

It is always advisable to visit an experienced professional for your laser treatment. The doctor should have credible reputation.

Before you finalize the treatment, you should research the clinic thoroughly. Ask for valid certifications and qualifications from the doctor and also don’t hesitate to look into before/after pictures of the treatment. You can also see previous patient’s testimonials to get a deeper understanding of their work ethics.

Here are some laser treatments for treatment of melasma.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

This one is highly popular for treatment of melasma and can treat several microscopic areas. This means that due to precision of this treatment, only the affected area is targeted and the damage to the area around your skin can be minimized. It takes about three to five Fraxel laser treatments over a period of two to four-week interval to treat the condition. Local anesthetic is used to perform this treatment. After the treatment, doctors advise you to wear high SPF sunscreen protection, sunglasses and is possible, avoid exposure to the sun.

Intense Pulsed Light Laser Treatment (IPL)

This treatment targets the discolored areas with intense visible light, as the name suggests. As the skin layer is not damaged in the process, the downtime is reduced significantly and in some cases, it is not required at all. This treatment does not require local anesthesia, although in some cases it may be required. The light is pulsed into your skin for about 20 minutes after the skin is cooled off. This process damages the discolored tissue, thus replacing the spot with healthier skin. It can take up to four treatments to get acceptable results. However, in case of stubborn melasma, the duration of the treatment may vary.

Pixel Laser Treatment

High energy beam is used for the purpose of damaging inner layers of skin and allowing healthy skin layer to develop minus the discoloration. This helps in permanent removal of discoloration. The targeted area can be highly accurate, depending upon the damage caused to the surrounding area.

The procedure can take up to half an hour as the laser is applied to the damage skin. Within 3-5 sessions the treatment is completed, without the need for downtime. Only mild discomfort is experienced during the process. Even though the treatment is spread over a period of four weeks in regular intervals, you may be required longer treatment depending upon the severity of melasma.