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Hair Restoration Center in Los Angeles

I really hate the idea of getting bald, but that is what is happening to me right now and I would pretty much give anything to reverse the process and restore my hair back to the way it looked when I was in my early 20s. I did not think it would happen because I believed that this sort of thing was based on whether your mother’s father had hair, but I guess that is a bit of a misconception. So now finding out about hair restoration in Los Angeles is probably my best option to do something about this hair loss problem. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Teeth when Genetics Are Not on Your Side

I was chomping on the ice after I finished my glass of diet soda, and I chipped a small piece out of my front tooth. I am 52, and my teeth are like my mother’s You can see the yellowish dentin, and it gives a yellowish cast to my teeth. They are not stained, it is just the dentin yellows as we age, and the translucent enamel lets you see it more. I visit a group of dentists in Aurora who are actually impressed with my overall oral care. I brush and floss twice daily. I use mouthwash and I even use hydrogen peroxide as an oral debridement when I have any gum irritation.

I have not had a cavity form in many years. The last cavity I had was when I was brushing once daily and not flossing. The chipped tooth was easy to fix. I did not even have to be numbed for the drilling. The composite resin filling matches the color of my tooth perfectly. You cannot even tell a filling is there. Continue reading